Wave Breaking Pyramid for Tsunami: 津波対策用波砕ピラミッド

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Wave Breaking Pyramid for Tsunami

What structure will be effective for tsunami which exceeds 10m? I do not believe that it is realistic to make a embankment higher than 10m. More important is to consume wave energy well before it reaches to buildings and houses than to stop waves. Several columns of the piles of the pyramidal structure could work as a wave breaker for tsunami.

We will make a wave breaking zone of about 30 meters in which three columns of concrete pyramids are put along the coastline (attached file). The peaks above the sea level of them are arranged in an alternative way. The column on the land side is raised by several meters than that in the sea side.

The wave avoids the pyramid, advances, and turns around in the back: The two waves from left and right hand-side collides each other at the back of the pyramid, so that the wave energy is dissipated there. The motion of the water was perturbed by the pyramid structures even when the pyramid is submerged. A similar structure is applied to the wind shield and reveals to be very effective.

The amount of concrete necessary to build a pyramid is one third of the square structure with the same length. We can make a three columns with the same amount of concrete for the square shape embankment with the same height.

The ship can go in and out gaps among the pyramids the in normal circumstances.